Name Your Own Gas Prices

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Okay, I think this might be going a little too far. I’ll admit that gas prices in the US are much higher than normal right now, but hearing that Priceline is going to start offering name your own gasoline price services just sounds silly. I’m also not sure how the gas stations will be equipped to handle this. While I definitely would like lower gas prices, I’m also not sure that I’ll want to log in and bid on gas prices before I go fill up.

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Comments on “Name Your Own Gas Prices”

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Glenn says:

Name the Gas Price

I started thinking about it too, but the way the announcement was worded made me think you were pre-paying a set amount of gas for a month – not unlike what the car-rental companies are doing now. And so if I bid 10 cents below current prices, I run two risks: 1) that gas prices don’t go down in the near future and undercut the price I paid and 2) that I will actually use all of this gas. I wonder if they’ll have a gallon limit on it… imagine airlines using this to hedge gas prices?? 🙂

And as for delivery, I was also thinking that this could be delivered in two ways right now — Mobil’s one pass or any gas station specific credit card. The latter option is sort-of how Blockbuster’s Gift Cards work now — they act like prepaid credit cards.

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