Let's all have virtual lives!

from the is-it-a-blockbuster-game dept

I’ve recently been reading a lot about “The Sims”, in salon there was an article about one writer that got bored and started to torture their virtual people. I really wonder what all the techdirt readers think about this, obviously all of us are into tech but do we want to live out virtual lives. I, for one have stopped myself from buying the game because I’m pretty sure I’d get addicted to it and do nothing else for days. What do all of you think about this game, is it the future of entertainment ?

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Comments on “Let's all have virtual lives!”

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wonko (user link) says:

Living with The Sims

I bought this game the day it came out, after reading all the hype about it. Whee.

Overall, I was impressed with it. It’s a great game, and lots of fun, especially if you’re a control freak or if you’re into architecture (or, for that matter, interior design). I was totally and hopelessly addicted to the game for a few days (as I am with all Maxis games after I first play them). But eventually, the addiction wore off as the game became more and more routine. I haven’t played it in some time now.

I wouldn’t say this is the future of gaming, although it is definitely one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of playing. I recommend buying it on a Friday evening…that way you can play it all weekend and hopefully shake off your addiction by the time Monday rolls around. 🙂

Danny says:


After reading this article? This game is WHACKED……sounds like FUN…..but I dont have the 40$ to plunk down for a game that sounds like I would get bored of. Sorta like the ‘GigaPets’ out there……I would like something that would be less interactive, and have email administration.
Fead all 80% [lasts them 2 days]

Cool? Just spending 3 hours trying to get my ‘family’ to funtion sounds like a harsh job. My job is just as hard…….
Another concetp [what I will do if I try the game] is have two roommies sharing a pad, one a theif and the other a rich kid. “Hey…that’s my TV”. Fun [twisted] Games……

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