Conspiracy Theories Galore

from the whodunit? dept

Another area of interest on the continuing denial of service attacks are all the conspiracy theories about who’s really behind these attacks. So, um, if the person behind all of this happens to be reading Techdirt, why don’t you just be a pal, and tell us below. No need for this to get blown any more out of proportion. Thanks.

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Comments on “Conspiracy Theories Galore”

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Danny says:

I DID IT.......

Not really, but this sucks that companies are getting hit. Major bummer is that there is NOTHING that we [network admins] can do.
I think DoS attacks are the lamest [yes lame].
There is nooo skill. I talked to one of the dudes who was in on this [i don’t know where he is now so dont ask] but the list of ppl that were involved were like 30,000 people. FBI? Happy Hunting….

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: I DID IT.......

I find it hard to believe that this could have been an *organized* group of 30,000 people, and kept quiet. It’s much more likely that it was an unknowing group of 30,000 people who, without realizing it, had something running on their machines that contributed to the attack. A secretive, destructive or SETI@Home type project…

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