Yet Another Techdirt Mention

from the thanks dept

Just came across the following mention of Techdirt in a UK Journalism magazine. Strikes me as a bit odd that Techdirt is suddenly getting mentioned in a bunch of places over the past couple weeks. It’s interesting to note, also, that it seems that Techdirt is now the standard “other” site when there’s an article discussing how there is Slashdot and a bunch of “other” sites like it. I guess that’s nice.

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Comments on “Yet Another Techdirt Mention”

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prash says:


I checked out the article and found two things interesting. One, they lopped Tripod, Techdirt, and DNS Policy into the same type of sites. This makes no sense to me. Second, the article seemed to copy a lot of stuff from an old Wired News article on the same. That seems too ironic coming from a professional journalism site that is digging into slashdot style journalim.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Wow, I wish...

Heh… I wish I knew. So far, I’d say Techdirt’s been (1) lucky and (2) around for a while, and maybe that combination has something to do with it. Also, since it originally came about as an extension of the Up-To-Date newsletter, which has been around for almost 3 years, we’d already built up something of an audience when we started. We really haven’t done much to try to generate any publicity, and I think if I tried I might be able to get some more, but it hasn’t been worth the effort yet. Also, I don’t think we’ve really gotten that much publicity all things considered, but the ones that have come through have been nice. I think we also get some publicity because we use the Slashdot code… And, oh yeah, we throw great parties. 🙂

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