Internet performance issues

from the "It's-the-servers,-stupid" dept

Is it just me, or are some major sites having serious performance issues as of late?,,, etc… all have been dragging or unavailable in the past several weeks on numerous occasions. Now, every site has problems from time to time, but these sites and others have been regularly unavailable or too slow to use. I shudder to think what would happen if any of these sites actually reached the traffic they tell investors they will reach.

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Comments on “Internet performance issues”

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1 Comment
Dmitry L (user link) says:

Yes dan, we are in trouble.

I never really realized how slow a lot of the Internet really is until i started working a few weeks ago, now that i am using a 1.1 megabit connection to the Internet (Virtually alone, we have a small staff) i noticed that i rarely get a throughput of more then 30-40kb when downloading, not to mention all those slow sites i come across which take ages to load. Until the servers of the world are running on more stable and powerful connection, i will be getting more and more worried as we end users get higher bandwidth (my 2 friends just got DSL) and the Internet gets slower and slower.

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