Yahoo's Achilles Heel? Brand?

from the interesting-spin dept

Here’s an interview with Bob Davis, CEO of Lycos where he attempts to argue that Yahoo’s achilles’ heel is their brand. That’s a very different spin, and a tough one to support on the internet. He makes the analogy to the traditional media business, but I’m not sure that flies on the internet.

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Comments on “Yahoo's Achilles Heel? Brand?”

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1 Comment
Sneed says:

He's just bitter

He’s realized that he can’t beat Yahoo in their own space, so he’s betting that eventually Yahoo will have to enter his. I don’t buy it. I use Yahoo quite a bit, and it has never bothered me that thier stock quotes or IM service don’t have special names. I think it strengthens the brand, because it appears as a unified site instead of a collection of partners. I go to Yahoo, I can check classified ads and auctions and email and do my searches…. just about anything I want from a portal. Lycos on the other hand is still

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