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Clinton's beefing up nanotech

from the nanotech-revolution dept

There was an article in Yahoo on friday about the increase in the science and technology budget. What many people may not have realised is that in those plans, suggestions for nanotech funding to be increased to nearly half a billion dollars were included. This strengthens nanotech’s claim of being a valid and emerging science, which will revolutionise everything in our daily lives (more than any and all other previous revolutions, bold claims for a bold science).

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Comments on “Clinton's beefing up nanotech”

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Pu Qimeng (user link) says:

nanotech, photons, 2nd revolution

cool you are looking for this kind of news. I think those developments are way too underestimated. The potential shift from electrons to photons could have the same impact as the computer and internet. Lets give it time (and money). Pls. keep us up to date, I would not mind to sometimes read some less mainstream sources as well.

Ryan (profile) says:

Re: nanotech, photons, 2nd revolution

Hi Pu,

One pretty good source for nanotechnology news is http://www.foresight.org. This is to my knowledge the first and best institute set up to promote nanotech (I’ve been following it for nearly five years now). The url for the best known nanotech start-up, whose mission is to develop the first assembler is http://www.zyvex.com . I also think that Business Week had an article on it about 3 months ago.

Meredith Croyle (user link) says:

Re: nanotech, photons, 2nd revolution

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