DSL Problems

from the DSL-companies-can't-get-act-together dept

A story in Wired covers the incredible difficulty most people have in getting a DSL line installed. I have to say my own experiences were something similar. Lots of promises. Lots of missed appointments, and eventually, (after they told us multiple times we were fine), being told that they couldn’t install DSL to our location and so they cancelled the installment (without telling us).

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Comments on “DSL Problems”

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1 Comment
Darryl Kubian (user link) says:

DSL Install

I too, was concerned that installing a Residential DSL line was going to be a nightmare, but with rising ISDN costs and service not always reliable I friend of mine who just had multiple lines installed at his business, said give Internet Express a call. They are teamed with COVAD and I have to say, everything went smoothly with everything happening in the space of 3 weeks. Even Bell showed up on time and installed the line properly so that the COVAD tech didn’t have any nasty surprises waiying for him when they delieverd my bridge.
Maybe in 2000 DSL hassles will become a thing of the past.
Best of luck…Happy DSL owner

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