CEO admits mistakes

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The CEO admits that they took orders for a bit too long, which prevented them from fulfilling all the orders they took in time for Christmas. Yeah, some kids were disappointed at Christmas. Guess what? That’s life. Life is full of disappointments and if the worst thing that ever happens is a toy arrives late, you’re doing alright. Let’s keep things in perspective…

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Comments on “ CEO admits mistakes”

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Mike (profile) says:

Not that simple

No one is suggesting it’s the end of the world, but let’s face it: it is’s business to get toys to people who’ve bought them in a reasonable amount of time… It was a promise they made on the website, and they couldn’t execute at all. It wasn’t just a little mistake either. They couldn’t get items that were ordered 3 weeks before Christmas. That’s simply bad business. If that’s the business they’re in, and they can’t do it, then it certainly says somethin about them as a company. Sure, it’s not the end of the world for anyone, but it shows that this is a company that can’t execute and why would anyone want to invest in or be a customer of a company that can’t get it’s act together.

Dan Miller (profile) says:

Re: Not that simple

Quite simply, they screwed up. No denying it. But, that doesn’t mean they’re a bad company. I deal with 100+ companies every day and they all screw up, no matter how good the intentions are. We’re talking about a new businss model with new logistical issues. Everyone is learning as they go and is no different.

Ryan (profile) says:

Re: Re: Not that simple

I agree with the fact that with new business models logistics can be a problem but because of’s blunder they’ve probably considerably damaged consumer confidence in the online and offline brand. Think about it from the consumer side, if I had a kid and ordered a present expecting it to arrive before christmas, it didn’t and it upset my child. Would I ever want to do business with them again, probably not! They just might be burning too many bridges both on the consumer side and on the investor side.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Not that simple

Just because everyone screws up does NOT mean that’s the way business should be. The sign of a good business is one that figures out how not to screw up in an area where everyone else does. This is *especially* true if it’s an area where it’s a known fact that everyone is screwing up. Toys R Us is a big brand name, and they should have known the importance of not messing up their logistics and planned out a way to make it right. Or they shouldn’t have tried at all.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Not that simple

I never said it should be easy for them to do what they said, I just thought they should have figured out a way to do it. The whole point of going into business with someone is that you believe they can execute on what they say they can. Not doing what you claim you will is simply bad business and should be condemned as such. This is especially true on the internet where it’s very easy to find a competitor who will take the business away…

Jody says:

Toys R Us Christmas Non-Delivery

I realize this happened months ago – but I just now ran across your commentary.

I was one of the customers that was disappointed by the Toys-R-Us non-delivery of toys as promised. But I must let you know that Toys-R-Us more than made it up to those customers that followed through with a complaint. I received a $100 gift certificate to spend in their store – even after I cancelled the order (I really didn’t want the toy delivered after Christmas). I was also prepared – when the item I ordered didn’t look like it was going to make it on time – I went out and bought it locally. Yes, there was inconvenience – but Toys-R-Us made it right – and they admitted their mistake.

J.R. says:

Toys R Us Christmas Non-Delivery

I’m working on an article about online toy retailers for a parenting magazine (a new Hearst/Dow Jones publication called Offspring) and would like to include a brief anecdote about someone who had problems last Christmas. So, Jody (or anyone else who didn’t get their Toys R Us order last year), please e-mail me if you can and let me know if it’s ok if I e-mail you a couple of questions. I want to find out what happened last Christmas, but also think it’s a good thing to give parents some advice for this year, based on your experience last year (for example, as you said, keep track of your order and be prepared to go to a brick and mortar store when the need arise). Please e-mail me if you’re interested. Otherwise, thanks for reading and have a good Christmas this year. -J.R. Romanko

Patty Rodine says:

buyer protection plan

I bought Duck Hunter for my Grandson in December.
Cleck as me if I wanted to buy the Buyers Protection
Plan in case anything happened to it ….it could be replaced. I bought it…the wing on the duck broke.
Long story short Toys R Us or company who handles the plan
will do nothing. I see there is a long list of unhappy
people who buy this plan. I am done with the plan and
with Toy R Us….
Patty Rodine

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