David Bowie Opens Online Bank?

from the going-too-far dept

Well, well, well, it seems that David Bowie (who had offered his own online service, Bowienet, for many years) is now opening his very own online bank. It’s not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll start up the Techdirt Bank…

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Comments on “David Bowie Opens Online Bank?”

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1 Comment
Julie Landry (user link) says:

bowie's bank

it’s “in conjunction” with USAbankshares … i’m guessing that they bought the domain and paid him to slap his name/face on the front. most of the site doesn’t even mention bowie — it’s all about USAbankshares.

they need a copy editor too … check out this segment from their special “bowienet” offer: “personal web space, chat, 3D Worlds, message boards, MP3 studios, instant massaging, desktop control panel, world famous contests, personal journals, art, music, stories, exclusive Bowie media, backstage passes, and so much more…”

instant massaging at an online bank? sign me up!

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