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TheStreet.com drops subscription fee

from the user-are-more-important-than-revenues dept

TheStreet.com has decided to revamp their site by making the news section free and charging for their commentary. The change will take effect in Q2 of this year. I guess they finally realized that to be a really successful internet company they needed more users than revenues.

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Comments on “TheStreet.com drops subscription fee”

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1 Comment
Mike (user link) says:

This is ridiculous

I like how they make it sound as if they’re dropping the subscription fee when they’re really not. Right now a subscription gives you exclusive access to all their commentary, as well as most of the news reports. They’ve always had a few things for free, but not much. An annual subscription is $99. Now, they’re making all of that free, except for the commentary, which they’ll charge $200 annually. So, they’re charging twice as much for a tiny slice of the info they used to provide. Personally, I think I’ll be one of the folks who drops my subscription when it’s time to renew.

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