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Play Station2 to go Wireless?

from the everything-wireless dept

Glenn writes “The Daily Radar reported that Sony may be deveping a fully functional wireless PDA with 3Com to attach to the pending PS2. Benefits reported included a remote control for your devices (pretty expensive one if you ask me, but I guess no one did) and the ability to interface with your games from afar. It sounds pretty cool, but I have to wonder if their target market will be able to afford all this… “

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Comments on “Play Station2 to go Wireless?”

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Jon Acheson says:


I have been kind of cool on the idea of having a toy PDA to connect up to my game console, after all I already have a PalmPilot, and who wants to have to breed chocobos on the handheld widget anyway, when I could be spending that time on the PSX2? It’s like my console grew an appendix or something.

If the attached PDA IS a PalmPilot, though, and if the price is right, that opens up the doors to lots of new Palm users, which is surely a Good Thing. Plus, maybe we’ll finally get a PalmPilot that is durable enough to stand up to abuse. And I’d be carrying a PalmPilot anyway.


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