E-Commerce Grew Up This Year

from the someone-has-a-very-short-term-memory dept

Okay, I might not have the greatest memory in the world, but I think this editorial from the E-Commerce Times exaggerates just a bit. They claim that before this year e-commerce was a novelty act. Admittedly, it got a lot bigger this year, but it was nothing to sneeze at in 1998. Despite what they say, in 1998 Toys R Us was already online, and Amazon was already selling much more than books. Schwab was certainly not the only online broker of note. It disturbs me a bit that people seem to completely rewrite history from a year ago. AOL was already selling more than most people, and Microsoft really didn’t look particularly different than they do now. Yes, e-commerce has grown a lot, but it certainly was pretty big a year ago as well.

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