GPS Implants

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Sense the potential privacy problems on this one? Seems Applied Digital has patented the concept of an implantable tranceiver that is powered off of muscle movement. You can implant the device under a person’s skin and it can receive and send GPS data concerning location.

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Comments on “GPS Implants”

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Marlene DiFiori Locke says:

implants/experiments, without consent

DARPA and the CIA have been doing brutal behavioral experiments to try and change human behavior, by remote, with microchip implants since the 1990’s when GWEN went into full force (Ground Wave Emergency Network). These aversion experiments demand a one Victim to one Scientists ratio, basically. It is a limited experiment (10-20 people), as most of the U.S. experiments done, without consent, are…however, this one will be the end of hidden experiments as it is brutal — delivering a shock to a Victim, for example, for an angry response that shows up on a computer in a lab. Here’s how it works–a profile of the breathing rates, heart rates, etc. of a human are gathered after a microchip is placed in a natural body opening thru the mouth, into the neck where the Vagus and Cranial Nerves are (a human must have an overnight stay in a hospital; be drugged)…then, with voice tapes of this human of her/his emotional “states” studied combined with breathing rates, etc. during these “states”, overtime, by remote monitoring a profile is developed. This is the simple explanation–so, eventually when the heart rate goes up (evidence of anger), a shock is sent to be given. This diversion causes the human to be distracted–over months and months, how fast the breathing rate, heart rates, etc. return to “normal” can predict how well the angry response, for example, is being stopped. Problem: anger and pleasure are close together in terms of the above human responses. Therefore, once in awhile the Victim is brutally shocked for a happy, pleasurable response. This is where the human starts to realize, “Something is wrong; what is going on?” THERE ARE NOW WAYS TO FIND THE MICROCHIP IMPLANTS. YOU MUST HAVE A RADIOLOGIST YOU TRUST OR GO TO A DOCTOR WHO HAS A STRONG X-RAY MACHINE IN HIS OFFICE. The shocks are so strong that they may leave red spots on the human body. We have photographed some of these marks. We have never been judged incompentent; never been involved with mental institutions; never been in trouble with the law. We are professional people. I have been brutalized in an experiment that uses microchips to try and change human behavior. We have a Defense News Article from the 1990’s that states that Russia and the U.S. do not feel humans are ready to know about this “mind/behavioral control” technology. We have a letter from former Senator John Danforth that says that the Air Force is where we should direct our inquiries, and that he would start an inquiry on our behalf. He then decided not to rerun for the Senate and never wrote again. Senator Christopher Bond’s office staff, has told us twice, “When something is called classified or national security, nobody can answer you”. Are we living in a Nazi Country? Anyway, we are at the end of our search for the truth. The year 2006 is the year we get positive proof of an implant. Can you help speed things along by asking questions? Thanks. Marlene DiFiori Locke, Phone: 314-739-4233. If you want 18 pages of information–send us your FAX number. My husband, Kenneth, teaches at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (Finance). We are more than useful citizens, in spite of what has happened to me.

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