eBay Not Saving the Internet?

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Just last week, I posted here a story from Gomez Advisors about how eBay was saving the internet by preventing other sites from linking to it. I disagreed, thinking this was one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a long time, and now the LA Times seems to agree with me as they talk about how silly eBay is and how it is hurting consumers by doing something stupid.

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Comments on “eBay Not Saving the Internet?”

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1 Comment
Aleks Delongue says:

Up with deep linking

I personally hate sites that tell you about some neat feature MSN is running and then link to the front page. If I wanted to go digging through MSN every day, I would. The reason I visit sites like Techdirt is to avoid clicking through all the garbage to get at something worthwhile. EBay needs to be stopped now, before sites like CNET and the NY Times start getting ideas.

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