RIAA Sues Napster

from the stupid-lawsuits dept

This one should make some folks crazy… It seems that the RIAA has decided to sue Napster because the people who use it tend to share illegal MP3s with each other. I think the RIAA really needs to chill out. One of these days it might occur to them that they’re fighting a battle they can never win.

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Comments on “RIAA Sues Napster”

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1 Comment
Dmitry Lyalin says:

You can't stop Napster.

From Story: “This is a really awful move on [the RIAA’s] part,” said audio consultant David Weekly. “If what they’re trying to do is prevent programs like Napster from coming out, they gave every teenage hacker the incentive to write their own … if executives have in the back closet enoding projects like Napster, what are the best hackers in the world working on?”

I am in no way a hacker, but i am 18 years old and i am a programmer. I can tell you one thing, if they shut down napster me or people like me will create another one of these programs that run of servers that they cant shut down as simply. RIAA must realize that they lost the battle to MP3’s the moment they where made public on the Internet. Good luck to them on stoping the atom bomb after it has been invented.

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