My big freakin' idea

from the Nov-10,-1999 dept

I have an idea...
The goal?   Seizing the final piece of the eCommerce puzzle.
The marketsize?     Huge... everyone who has ever bought on-line.
The value?      Consumer convience. 
The name?   Pick-up-all-these-freakin'!
The problem
Every shipment of goods from the web results in more unwanted packaging materials. I have boxes an little Styrofoam nuggets all over my house. Furthermore, I am sick of having to break them down so the recycling people will take them away every two weeks. Thank goodness for Pick-up-all-these-freakin'!

The Service
When ordering goods online, consumers look for the friendly ( logo on participating web-sites. This logo means that the web-site will notify when a delivery is made allowing to send a representative to pick up the unwanted waste a day or so later. makes their money by fees that on-line merchants pay to become members of the service, and of course by recycling and re-selling the unwanted packaging materials.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle
You think I'm crazy, but just look at the trends.

Communication Software - The first big winners on the net were the providers of communication software. Companies like Netscape and AOL were huge because they created the software that enabled people to get on-line .

Search Engines - Next the search engines helped the consumer find what they were looking for. Companies like yahoo and Excite skyrocketed to stardom.

eTailers - Companies like, and sold anxious consumers the products they desired.

Delivery - Most recently, companies like Webvan and Kozmo have been getting a lot of attention due to their capability to deliver directly to the home in a timely manner.

Clean up - The only thing left is to clean up the mess.

Funding Requests
Make all checks out to...

Brian Day
100 Main St.
Burlingame, CA 94010

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