The Casket Industry Gets Mean Online

from the man,-those-funeral-directors-are-tough dept

This is one odd article from Wired. Apparently, independent retailers on the net are selling caskets for funerals at a much lower cost than funeral homes (“grieving people don’t haggle”, says the article), and funeral directors are fighting back, telling customers that independently bought caskets may break or spread disease. They’ve also gotten the top casket makers to not sell to any other vendors. Seems like a pretty competitive industry.

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Comments on “The Casket Industry Gets Mean Online”

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Max Vincent says:

A tisket a tasket, bury me in a plain wood casket!

The cost of many “services” from Real Estate to Funerals, from Tax preparation to Accounting, have been or will be simplified or made less expensive by computer technology, the Internet and a little common sense.

It all boils down, once again, to the concept that knowlege is power, and that those who make thier living providing “services” (and playing on the emotions of others) often like to cloud thier industries in mystery to avoid exactly what’s happening in the “Casket Market” today.

We live in an age, where it is perfectly possible to walk into an automobile dealership and purchase a vehicle for 80,000 through a slaes agent and yet require seemingly endless streams of real estate agents, lawyers and such to purchase property worth less than half that amount.

“For your protection.” “Your family deserves the best.” “It’s really in your best interests.” is just another way of saying Bend over buddy, here it comes.

Betty Brown (user link) says:

Caskets direct - not so closed market anymore

We have had a retail store for over 6 yrs now, and yes, the funeral director tried all things to slow or stop the flight of sales from his showroom.
However, the public didn’t buy into it, and now find more than just low prices.
See our site at
A Team Master’s Casket store

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