Free 19 inch Monitors

from the this-is-going-too-far dept

I know, I know, you didn’t get the free PC because the monitor is just too small. But, now, if you give up all your personal info, you can receive a free 19″ monitor that will bug you with advertisements every time you use your computer. These “free” business models are really getting quite annoying.

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Comments on “Free 19 inch Monitors”

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1 Comment
Wonko the Sane (user link) says:

Agh! Don't sign up for this!

Taken from the privacy policy on the page:

We also track how much time is spent on the Internet, what advertisements are clicked on, what applications are being used, and what web sites the member visits. However, this information is kept in a general demographic database, and no specific personal information about the member is ever disclosed.

What?!??! They track your application usage, as well as keeping a log of the websites you visit? I’m sorry, if anything, this is an insanely huge invasion of privacy. I don’t care if they’re giving away 50-inch LCDs for free…that’s a lot of privacy to give up just for a monitor…

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