Fickle analysts

from the Dell-has-some-component-shortages dept

One analyst lowered his rating of Dell, due to the fact that they may have a component shortage due to the earthquakes in Taiwan. quotes a “Dell salesperson” saying some boxes are taking up to two weeks to build? Does that really indicate a part shortage? Two weeks doesn’t seem unreasonable to have a box built from scratch, even if it normally takes only five days.

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Comments on “Fickle analysts”

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Dan Miller (profile) says:

Re: boo frikkin hoo

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I always appreciate an intelligent response. I’m not going to get into the war between Mac users and PC users, because quite frankly, you don’t know me, and anyone that does knows my stance on the issue. And, also quite frankly, I don’t really care what you think about me.

The issue here is a simple one: Do analysts adjust their ratings too quickly and without determining whether this is a valid problem? In my opinion, this was the case with Dell.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: boo frikkin hoo

Heh heh. Okay, I find it funny that the two biggest Mac fans I know are the two folks who have been blasted for being anti-Mac on Techdirt. A few weeks back, Brian got blasted, and now Dan. Not that Dan can’t defend himself, but he’s about the biggest supporter of the Macintosh that I’ve ever met. It seems funny to me that people (for years now) have such an itchy trigger finger on the whole Mac/PC thing that they’ll look at anything as a way to startup that argument again. I think in this case it’s a big stretch, especially since Dan’s post probably came out of his nice blue iMac…

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