Pizza hut in space!

from the no-click-throughs dept

Ryan Bethencourt writes “It looks like the russian space agency is ahead of NASA in one aspect. It doesn’t mind allowing companies to advertise on their rockets (it makes financial sense!). I think this is going to start a growing trend, in space agencies that seem to be increasingly short of cash.” Yes, but how many people actually watch the launches? How many eyeballs? Remember, it’s all about eyeballs…

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Comments on “Pizza hut in space!”

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1 Comment
Bobby Joe says:


Advertising is getting so ridiculous these days. Advertisers are seeking out every little nick and cranny they can possibly find and try to put ads there. You know it’s getting ridiculous when there’s ads on space shuttles, the golden gate bridge, and for christs sake, the back of the god damn identification tags you put on your luggage when you travel on airlines.
I hate this crap. Seeing advertisements in these kinds of places makes me want to boycot these places, not go and buy whatever crap they’re selling.

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