Colored notebooks

from the IBM-announces-colored-notebooks----who-cares? dept

Ok, so now everyone is into the colored computer market. Who really cares? Why do I care if the computer on my desk is purple or beige? It’s a tool, not a date. Why not focus on making technology easier to use, instead of easier to look at?

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Comments on “Colored notebooks”

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Samu Mielonen says:

Looks are part of system acceptability

According to system acceptability studies,
the visual/physical outlook plays several
important roles in affecting the systems
overall acceptability and hence usefulness.

Some people have a mental block that
ugly beige loud boxes are evil and will
get broken if approached. This prejudice
can partly be overtaken with industrial

Furthermore, some people will not accept
things to they environment that are ugly
or somehow not outwardly pleasing to
their likes. These people are making
iMac the success it is.

Furthermore, it could be argued that
GOOD industrial design does NOT only
affect the appearance of a computer
box, but it’s usability. That’s why
I think it’s refreshing that ACTUAL
professional industrial designers
are also now designing computer boxes
and not just guys with propellers
on their hats (although they make
good casing too, but not for ALL
and EVERY purpose).

So, chill and enjoy the variety….

Samu Mielonen

Dan Miller (profile) says:

Re: Looks are part of system acceptability

Oh yeah, absolutely. I can only imagine the productivity bliss I would be in, if only my machine were a soft shade of indigo. I’m going to go talk to my boss now about how the monitor color is offensive to me and I’m tired of looking at beige all day, and that I’m going on strike until I get some more palatable colors to work with.

Bobby Joe says:

Re: Re: Looks are part of system acceptability

>Oh yeah, absolutely. I can only imagine the productivity bliss I would be in, if only my machine were a soft shade of indigo. I’m going to go talk to my boss now about how the monitor color is offensive to me.

Dan: Chill out. People have different opinions. Just because you don’t see the neatness of having different colors for computers doesnt mean every other person on the entire planet is a frikkin idiot if they happen to like it. Don’t be such an ass.

Mike (profile) says:

Just cause you have no taste

Hey Dan, just because you have no taste doesn’t mean others don’t. 😉 Come on, I can’t believe companies haven’t been doing colored computers for ages. There are tons of your average everyday consumer who finds those things important. I remember when there were computers in black cases for the first time and everyone oohed and ahhed over them. When I saw those (and that was a long time ago) I figured that colorful computers would follow within a few months. I always found it odd that the coolest looking computer cases came from companies like SGI and Next that weren’t really selling to retail consumers.

Mark Baker (profile) says:


I’m surprised that nobody (not just here on Techdirt, but anyplace that I’ve looked) has
mentioned the obvious reason why colours matter; colour coordination.

Look at audio components as an example. You can get them in black, but more and more manufacturers are adding customized colours (my Marantz SR-18 is “Champagne”). No other manufacturer that I know of has this same colour, so if I want to buy an amp, colour suddenly enters the equation and Marantz has the advantage.

Maybe the question to ask is, are colours patentable?


think...outside the box says:

People care for the same reason you care what color shirt to wear, what color car to buy, what color to dye your hair, what color couch to buy…..etc….

Do you ask why color matters when you bought your cellphone or ipod. Its not like people are buying computers based only on their color, its function first then color.

Its just a way to customize your gadget.
Some ask why….I say why not.

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