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Okay, so the number of folks submitting stuff has increased lately, and I just wanted to do a quick post explaining what we look for in submissions, and why we end up rejecting quite a few (unfortunately). I really do want to post your submissions, so try to keep some of the following in mind. We do not want to post press releases. I get way too many of these, and that’s not what we’re here for. Press releases are fake news, and we want something we can dig into. Don’t submit them. I won’t post them. We want to post links to articles. The point of Techdirt (mostly) is to provide interesting and amusing links and commentary on longer articles about business and technology written elsewhere. If you just send in a little blurb saying “I like and think they’re going to be huge” we’re unlikely to post it (even if we agree with you!). Find an article about that site, and provide the link, and we’re more likely to find it post worthy. Finally, we like to post news that new and recent. Submitting an article or a story from two months ago is unlikely to get posted either. So, keep those things in mind, and we look forward to your submissions.

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