eMachines Problems Continue

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eMachines has run into a few problems lately. Two different lawsuits (one from Compaq for patent infringement and one from Apple for copying the iMac design) as well as plans to go public that most people aren’t impressed with. The latest is Apple won the first round of the lawsuit and US Bancorp Piper Jaffray is saying bad things about the IPO. Not that I think it’s a great company, but I’m a bit surprised at how hard bankers are coming down on the company when they hype up a ton of much more ridiculous internet plays every week.

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Comments on “eMachines Problems Continue”

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RaChel says:

No Subject Given

Do you know of any means to recourse with eMachines? My children have been without their computer for four months, all summer long, in a new town, isolated from friends. I had the power supply problem, then the sound card problem, and still no computer with the runaround “in transit” story. My children are very disheartened and deserve some compensation, no matter how small, just to feel that they haven’t been shafted, so to speak. They waited a long, long time for a computer and it has never worked. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

William A Turri says:

power supply problem //no Customer Support .

I bought my emachine about 2 years ago its a T2642 model,without warning it almost burns my house down,(smoke and fire)contacted Customer service,basically told its too old we dont honer or make that model anymore.Now I am stuck having to pay to fix,because I cant afford to by new PC but when I do never again an emachine,piece of crap..

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