Same old Apple

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Apple has once again not been able to meet demand for their new G4’s. You think they would learn their lesson. Or maybe it has something to do with the strange odor that the G4 produces.

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Comments on “Same old Apple”

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Tired says:

Same new Apple

I’m tired of people jumping all over Apple with any slightly bad news they hear. You people never seem to mention the past two years when Apple has been consistently beating analysts estimates, consumer demand, and product shipments. Sure they had trouble meeting demand this quarter; but was it their fault? According to their press release, it was mostly due to delayed availability of the G4 (7400) chip from Motorola. As with any product introduction, there will be constraints. Steve Jobs mentioned that the G4s have already received 150,000 pre-orders — and that’s after only one month. With that much demand there will be shortages. Just think about the shortage every year around Christmas time when the latest toy fad sells out. Does everyone say “Same old Mattel” or “Same old Furby”? No they don’t. I think that the original post was biased and didn’t consider all of the factors. Did you even notice the fact that Apple is still predicting a profit of around 85 million? That means that for two straight years Apple has been profitable. I can’t say the same for companies like Amazon that the media drools over. Same old Apple? Nope, still seems like the same new profitable Apple to me.

Bobby Joe says:

Re: Same new Apple

I kind of agree. Apple has turned around 100% since the return of Jobs, and they’re making some solid products. But they really should’ve tried to anticipate the demand more realistically. They’re completely unprepared for the 150,000 pre-orders. And the same thing is happening with the ibook. Sure they’ve started shipping, but barely. Lots of people aren’t going to get theirs until the beginning of april, even though they pre-ordered it a long time ago. That kinda sucks. I think apple really needs to do something about this in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I love apple, I just with they were more prepared for this kind of thing.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Same new Apple

While it is definitely a good thing that Apple has returned to some sustained profitibility, the lack of foresight and planning that leads to shortages like this one is a very big deal from the business side of things. It doesn’t matter that it’s Motorola’s fault in getting the chips to them. This effects Apple, and they should have planned or worked more closely with Motorola to deal with it. And, it is okay to say “same old Apple” since they’ve consistently shown an inability to plan well and that hurts business. The latest toy fad is a completely different situation, and something that is a lot more difficult to predict. Apple can’t do basic forecasting, and always seems to have trouble with their manufacturing. It’s definitely a problem, and one that they should be trying to fix.

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