Dreamcast Sales Heavenly

from the hoping-for-a-comeback dept

Sega reported that their 15,000 retailers sold $97M of Dreamcast equipment during the initial 24 hours of availability — they jokingly compare that they grossed more than Episode I did in its first 24 hours. This translates into roughly 320,000 – 480,000 units (depending on one’s assumptions of games/console sold…). Some glitches with certain titles, but they had 15 titles at launch. Just last week, Sony announced that Playstation 2000 will be delayed 3 months, projecting a US release in Fall of 2000. Could be enough of a window to get Sega back in the running?

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Comments on “Dreamcast Sales Heavenly”

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1 Comment
Jon Acheson says:

The big loser may be Nintendo.

I wouldn’t be surprised if sales of the N64 drop through the floor. Playstation has a bigger software library, Dreamcast has better graphics, both have cheaper software and better controllers.

The N64’s main selling point has been better graphics, and a couple of killer-app games.

Dreamcast may already have them beat on both counts.

Jon Acheson

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