Techdirt vs. Wired and Slashdot

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So, the mention of Techdirt in Wired has turned this into a slightly more interesting day. A bit more traffic than usual. Anyway, a few notes in response to the article, and some of the mail I’ve gotten. (1) In response to Wired claiming we are “less successful” than Slashdot, that depends on how you define success. I’m pretty happy with the folks who read Techdirt on a regular basis, and don’t need hoards of folks shouting each other down. (2) In response to questions I’ve gotten on how Techdirt is different than Slashdot. The focus of Techdirt is more on the business side of the aisle. Most of the folks involved in the site are business folks who work in the internet industry, and felt that Slashdot was a little too techie/Linux focused for our taste. That’s all… back to your regularly programmed day.

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Comments on “Techdirt vs. Wired and Slashdot”

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drwiii (user link) says:

Don't sweat it

I’ve only been looking around your site for about 3 minutes, and I already like what I see. I’ll be sure to stop back.

A couple of friends and myself are getting ready to launch a community site of our own, and we’re curreny beta testing our custom-written site engine at the URL above (no, it’s not slash). In my eyes, Slashdot’s claim to fame is that it brought back the spirit that made BBSing so fun.

Keep up the good work.

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