Open Source Journalism

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Wired is running a story on Slashdot and what it means for journalism and touch on the idea of “open source” journalism, which is exactly what Brian was suggesting we call Techdirt. Interesting article to read, though I’d bet it was posted partly to guarantee the Slashdot effect pointing back to Wired. Update: Damn, I should make sure I read through the entire article. Someone just pointed out to me that near the end they actually mention Techdirt.

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Comments on “Open Source Journalism”

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Marcel Pamphile (user link) says:

Re: Re: techdirt-effect

That article mentioned But it’s a DEAD URL.

I think they really meant
At least that is powered by the Slash script from

BTW – I just might start my own Slash powered news site at http://www.Sci-TechNewscom. If anyone wants to help and contribute, let me know at

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