Cisco Acquires More Companies

from the just-another-routine-acquisition dept

Cisco continues its aggressive acquisition strategy by gobbling up Cerent Corp. and Monterrey Networks for a reported $7.4 billion. The people responsible for integrating all these new companies into Cisco must be near burnout. This is reminiscent of the days when Microsoft was acquiring companies aggressively. Like software companies back then, i think many new network companies are starting up just waiting to be acquired by Cisco, which is not a bad exit strategy at all, looking at the price Cisco is willing to pay.

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Comments on “Cisco Acquires More Companies”

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1 Comment
The Cunctator (user link) says:

Cisco knows how to acquire

This is as good a time as any to debut my
Corporate Web site at

I’ve been recently tracking
Cisco , so it’s got a very full listing of the 40 acquisitions Cisco has made. The WSJ explicates that the size of the deal is based on the valuation of similar companies that have recently IPO’d, namely
Juniper, popularly described as a Cisco-killer. Juniper’s at $11 bil.

If anyone wants to discuss Cisco with me in private, please e-mail me, as I’m working on a book on the company.

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