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Rick Belluzzo Doesn't Last Long

from the turmoil-at-SGI dept

I’d heard some rumors, but I didn’t think he’d be gone this quickly. Rick Belluzzo, who was brought in to turn around SGI a year and a half ago, resigned today as an insider was named to be CEO. Belluzzo is apparently going to another company “that doesn’t compete with SGI”. Turning around SGI was definitely a big job, and it doesn’t seem like much progress was made. When do the reports come out that explain that Rick was pushed?

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Comments on “Rick Belluzzo Doesn't Last Long”

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mchao says:

how does this make sense?

dammit mike, you are fast, you beat me to post by 19 mins. can’t wait to read the stories about the inevitable squeeze felt by beluzzo, but also very interested to hear the logic behind picking Bishop. this guy has been on the board since 93, and was certainly a part of engineering the “dark years” for SGI.

well, i guess if picking an outsider didn’t work last time, why not try an insider this time? and of course, he sounds ready: “I feel like I’ve trained for 35 years in preparation for it [CEO].” {sarcasm intended} let’s face it, SGI needs something very drastic, and i don’t think old school mgmt is going to cut it.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: how does this make sense?

Hey mikey, I’m faster than you think. I beat you by more than 19 minutes… Techdirt’s clock is central time (don’t ask me why) so, the post really came at 2:45 for us west coast folks.

Anyway, I agree that the last thing SGI needs is old line management, but Belluzzo clearly wasn’t cut out for the job. I’m not sure who would be right for them, as I’m not exactly sure what the hell business they should be in right now. Without thinking about it, or knowing too much, I would think they want to be getting into the internet server space, as that’s the growth area right now, and I can’t think of anyone who would go to SGI for a web server these days.

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