Weblogs – are there too many?

from the kill-the-weblogs dept

eric writes “When I first found out about weblogs, I was a avid visitor at peterme.com, camworld.com, dandot.com, and groksoup.com. The reason I went to those was that they provided links and insight to topics and sites that made me say damn!!!

Now I am inundated by the amount of weblogs… I turned to weblogs to narrow the information overload.. Now my niche is growing too fast with the groksoup and pitas.com “make your own weblog” movement…

I am curious as to what other readers have to say…” Not exactly the standard article that I would post, but it is an interesting topic. To be honest, while I know about the “weblog” phenomenon, I haven’t been following it that much. Dennis and I had been joking about setting up a “build your own” weblog service, and I actually think it’s pretty cool that there are some services doing it. What it comes down to, is lots of people have stuff to say, and the web is a great mechanism. People just need to choose the ones that filter info the best for them.

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