Yahoo briefcase!

from the where-have-you-been-all-my-life dept

Yahoo! debuted their Yahoo Briefcase last week. The briefcase is the equivalent of 10M of network storage. You can create folders and set protections on the folders. Pretty amazing when I can’t exchange files with people in my own company.

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Comments on “Yahoo briefcase!”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: internet apps

I realize there are a ton of companies in this space, but I’m not convinced of your assertion that bandwidth is what will make the real difference. That’s been the fall back claim for so many companies/ideas these days that I’m just not sure I believe it any more. I do think increased bandwidth will help to change things, but it seems that too many people are using it as a crutch. Most people in the workplace have had very high bandwidth for a long time, but the changes haven’t appeared to be that drastic….

Anyway none of these companies seem to have much of a business model, and how long do they last after a Yahoo incorporates the same features? In the software world Microsoft, you don’t want to get crushed by Microsoft… on the Internet, ditto for Yahoo.

Vincent W. Yin says:

Re: I'd hate to be Visto

But I think that in general companies do get bought out. I think companies that made shopping carts, web mail, etc. were aiming ot get bought by portals and other big sites more than trying to grow sales teams etc. on their own. It makes sense for small companies to take the risk of technology development and for larger companies to buy the successful ones… Or at least that seems to be the current Net model.

Teck says:

Re: Re: I'd hate to be Visto

The POP3 interface and mail forwarding is definitely pretty cool. At first, it seems like you can now use your own mail client and escape any advertising, but on closer look, i think if you sign up for those features, you’d be obligated to receive advertisement emails pushed to your mailbox. well, YahooMail’s gotta generate revenue somehow.

Satish Kumar (user link) says:

Re: Can Yahoo Continue Scavenging The Web

Can Yahoo scavenge competitor’s websites and
pick up cool innovations and call them their
own. This does not sound fair to anyone. Even
Sure, the company that gets bought by Yahoo
is happy, but what about the other companies
who never get bought, and who work 18 hours a
day innovating?
We need to have laws that protect the intellectual
property of small companies. These small companies
do not have the resources to file for patents.
We need to have a online registry for certifying
intellectual property. Any takers? There’s a
business idea worth millions (hopefully)! Yahoo,
please forget you read the last two lines:-)

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