The $4 Billion Warehouse

from the only-in-silicon-valley dept

One wonders what investors are smoking when they give Webvan a $4 billion dollar valuation. It’s been discovered that they are inhaling smoke from burning the money that they have plenty of. Is WebVan going to be another Iridium in the making or is it really a Safeway killer ?

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Comments on “The $4 Billion Warehouse”

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prash (profile) says:


I don’t know if Webvan deserves the $4B valuation, but I was impressed when I tried their service. They have the pontential to be more than just a Safeway killer. I can see them bringing me a couple of videos and maybe my dry cleaing when they drop of my groceries. Now, that would be convenient. Plus, they could provide fast delivery on books and cds since they have their own local distribution network.

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