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Remember when you saw the original PowerBook and thinking, “That is the neatest looking laptop I have ever seen.”? Well, Apple has done it again with the iBook. The iBook look is inspired by the iMac but will only be available in two colors instead of the iMac’s five colors. One of the interesting options introduced in the iBook is the AirPort. This device lets set up a wireless LAN and share Internet connections with other iBook users. Too bad its not true wireless IP access. That would have made this notebook even cooler.

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Comments on “iBook”

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1 Comment
Mike (profile) says:

Am I the only one not all that impressed?

Okay, the design is kinda cool, but it’s obvious. It’s what I would have guessed they would have done. It basically looks like a souped up eMate, which was a product I think they stupidly killed off. Imagine getting every kid in school to have an eMate. Oh well, there was one report I saw that referred to the look as a toilet seat look, and every time I look at the iBook I think I agree…

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