Round-One Becomes Epinions

from the secret-company-revealed dept

Round-One, the secretive company that came out of the Round Zero group, has finally unveiled what they’re doing, and a new name: Epinions. Teck gets credit for actually finding out about the epinions web site last week, but today was the first article I saw about it. As with any of these “secret” web companies, my first reaction is usually that I expected a little more, but this one does have some potential depending on execution, and the team behind it certainly seems like one that can execute well. It seems like they want to be a mixture of and with a very clear focus on commerce. I’ll definitely be interested in seeing what comes out of it. Update: NYTimes is running a much more detailed story on epinions, and their quick history. Has a bunch of stuff about “third generation internet startups” that I don’t think is really true. But, worth reading, still.

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