PSX2 Teaser…

from the can't-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-PSX2 dept

Recent posting on The Adrenaline Vault about plans for Unreal to be ported to Playstation 2 (aka Playstation 2000). Epic is doing the port and said this of the project: “The PSX2 is very capable technically of running Unreal engine games, though there will be some tradeoffs, such as lower resolution textures, since memory, especially video memory, is more limited. On the plus side, there will be higher polygon counts.” He teased a bit about enhancements: “There will be other significant enhancements…exploiting the massive floating-point capabilities of the machine. Other than the animation, the new features are just in the concept stage, so I don’t want to go hyping anything yet”. Unreal, for the uninitiated, was the first non-id, first-person-shooter genre game to make a mark in the gaming world.

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