overcharging credit cards

from the why-make-sure-things-work? dept

Eric Krangel writes “Am I the first to notice that’s website is overcharging credit cards? I just bought a Palm IIIx from them an was emailed an invoice at $241 — all well and good until $249.95 appeared on my credit card. Then, when I checked my “receipt” on their website, the total for all sub-items didn’t even total $249.95! (Note to editors: I have print-outs of the webpages and can forward them to you).

What’s going on? Did Accompany, with an innovative business model forget good old beta testing in the rush to go public? “ Well, that’s interesting. My guess is that it’s simply an honest mistake, but the type of honest mistake that happens way too often with e-commerce companies. As Accompany’s model is becoming more popular I wonder how often this type of thing happens…

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