Lycos Mixed in with Lotus Notes

from the sneaking-in dept

Well, everyone is making a big deal of Lycos’s latest move: to get integrated into Lotus Notes. Interesting concept, and will probably draw some traffic, but I’m not sure I’m totally clear on how this works. Luckily for me, I never use Lotus Notes any more, so I might never have to find out.

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Comments on “Lycos Mixed in with Lotus Notes”

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1 Comment
mikey c says:

Lo-cus Notes??

you bring up an interesting point, but a bigger discussion comes to mind, that of knowledge mgmt/collaboration. companies like lotus and microsoft are banking that collaboration is going to be the next big thing, but customers aren’t biting. notes and exchange battle every day, but i think the tech companies are underestimating the fundamental behavioral changes required internally to get collab to work.

This “lo-cus” partnership is an interesting one (offering access to a portal to extend the collab features) but does it do much from a productivity standpoint? i find it hard to imagine that “several million new users” will adopt Notes as a result of this deal. on the other hand, not a bad deal for lycos building on a base of 38MM business users

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