Mail Forwarding Makes News?

from the silly-reporters dept

InternetNews is reporting about this amazing service that a 14 year old has created: it lets people forward messages to a different email address without the sender knowing where it’s being forwarded to. Um, guys, email forwarding? Not a big thing. Really. Anyone can do it. Many people do. Want a techdirt email forwarding address? Just as good, and I swear no one will be able to tell where your email is really going!

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Comments on “Mail Forwarding Makes News?”

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1 Comment
Jon Acheson (user link) says:

Now masking where e-mail is COMING FROM, that's ha

Of course, this script kiddie’s service doesn’t do that.

It’s sad that anyone would think this is news. Lots of ISPs give you a redirected e-mail address free with domain registration, and have for years. We use one to send to whoever’s answering e-mail this year for OTAKON (an anime convention I help run).

It IS handy, though, especially for an organization where people switch jobs from year to year.

Jon Acheson

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