Internet Call Waiting

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I first heard about internet call waiting two years ago, when I read an article about it. However, I forgot where that article was (which listed a company who provided the service) and hopelessly searched for it for years. Now, apparently, it’s finally starting to catch on. Soon, it should be available in the Bay Area. Of course, by now, most folks have a separate cable modem or DSL line, so who the hell cares, but it was a nice thought once.

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Comments on “Internet Call Waiting”

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1 Comment
mike p (user link) says:

RE: Internet Call Waiting

Internet Call Waiting
Is available throught most of the US and Canada, Popular is the Internet Call Manager
program. They have a free software program that
interacts with their computers, the users
computer and the phone companies switch programs.
Service generally runs around $5 US per month
– it works well.

Internet Call Watiing

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