NBC to Buy Xoom.com, Create NBC Internet

from the yet-another-portal dept

NBC has apparently gone crazy. They bought Xoom.com, the perpetual internet underacheiver, and are combining it with their internet properties, and Snap.com to create NBCi. I guess this is their answer to Go.com. I wish them luck, but I don’t see a happy ending here.

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Comments on “NBC to Buy Xoom.com, Create NBC Internet”

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1 Comment
Shane says:

NBCi failure

No happy ending in site. After a long, drawn out period of server transfers performed by the inept, nbci free sites have experienced days of downtime due to Apache problems. Their attitude is, “Yeah, so we’re down. Wait. If you still have problems in 48 hours contact us again.” This is one of the most pathetic attempts to climb on the band wagon by a major network I have ever seen. I’d like to find a reliable free server before they go down for good.

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