E-Commerce Really Just a Big Tax Dodge

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A new study apparently states that nearly 25% of purchases online occur because of the tax-free nature of the sale and that if taxes are added to Internet purchases, these buyers may go back to regular shopping. Say what? I don’t remember ever hearing anyone buy something over the net, just to avoid the taxes.

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Comments on “E-Commerce Really Just a Big Tax Dodge”

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1 Comment
Dennis (user link) says:

Of course I'm a cheapskate..

The tax-free benefit is a huge factor in my online purchases.. I used to buy things mail-order just because I could get them tax-free. It is clear that people will go out of their way to save on sales tax.. For example, Bostonians drive to New Hampshire and New Yorkers go to New Jersey for the tax break. It was such a phenomenon that merchants in Staten Island began offering “Tax-Free Sundays” last year..

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