SSNs Still Listed in EDGAR Database

from the what-else-don't-we-know-about-BillGates dept

If you ever have a need for Bill Gate’s (or any other folks who have to file SEC forms to sell stocks) Social Security Number, you can still get it pretty easily by querying the EDGAR database. Apparently, the SEC doesn’t plan on doing anything to protect the privacies of these rich individuals. Any suggestions on what we can do with these numbers ?

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Comments on “SSNs Still Listed in EDGAR Database”

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1 Comment
Mike (user link) says:

Questionable reporting

I saw this yesterday and thought it was pretty irresponsible reporting by While it is okay to point out wrongs, it is not necessary for them to go shouting to the world that Bill Gates’ SSN is available for anyone to grab. Since the news was reported, I’ve already had about three different people send me the exact number, as if I need it…

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