October 16, 1997

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Competition, Competition, Competition

By Brian Day - October 16, 1997

It seems everyone is back at it again. Competition is in the air, and sometimes it is hard to tell just what is going on... That is why I have prepared the this "handy dandy" scorecard. For each match-up I give an overview, an experts opinion, and the spread. Remember no wagering...

Mozilla vs "the 12 ft. E"
The scoop: As many of you may know, after the Internet Explorer launch party jubilant Microsoft developers drove their 12 ft tall Explorer logo down to Mountain View and dumped it in the fountain at Netscape. Not to be outdone Netscape's friendly Dinosaur Mozilla attacked the "E" and eventually prevailed (sitting on top of the hideous vowel. Above the two a sign read... Mozilla 70%... E 30%... (nuff said)

Experts think: Microsoft may make the next move here to retrieve the mischeivous "E". However; don't expect Netscape to hand it over so easily. There was no contract, and perhaps they could use it to their advantage (like spelling out nEtscape on the front lawn, or maybe using it as a new proprietary dynamic HTML tag).

Spread: Netscape by 30%

AOL & Netscape vs IChat
The scoop: AOL is vigourously defending it's "chat about nothing" turf against the "oh so friendly" iChat. It seems that iChat has actually created a decent product (the Ichat Pager) and AOL is concerned people may realize that there are much cooler places to be than on AOL. They teamed up with Netscape (who happened to have a flegeling chat product ) to create the AOL Instant Messenger. The chat and instant messaging category is beginning to take shape, and has created considerable excitement (Excite has also launched a product). Who would have thought that the UNIX "write & talk" commands would be a whole market segment.

Experts think: IChat has done their homework. They have a very usable product that has many built in features. Besides... you probably get 4 pop-up-ads and a tricky subscription notice everytime you start up the AOL product.

Spead: iChat by a ;-) -- that's "wink"

Yahoo! vs Excite
The scoop: Excite liked their "my.yahoo" so much they decided to create their own. My Excite is a personalized news page that includes the usual fare, plus it searches the news evey day for your any string, it has all the TV listings, and offers reminders. Yahoo! responded by improving their my.yahoo service (gets confusing doesn't it) and by purchasing 411 the creators of Rocketmail (a free email service). Yahoo! will inherit all of Rocketmail's clients as well as a considerable database of contact information. Yahoo! also signed agreements with several PC manufacturers to have desktop links to Yahoo!.

Experts think: Yahoo! is a marketing machine that cannot be stopped. Excite is definately createive and determined, but how long can they hold out against a superior opponent? Excite's technology may be better, but it is all about BRAND.

Spread: Yahoo by $30 in stock price.

Javasoft vs Microsoft
The scoop: You know it...

Experts think: Javasoft is just vigorously protecting it's turf against a bully who is not used to being pushed around. This is a new situation for Microsoft. If they do not settle this suit soon they will not get any of the new Java releases. DNA? Who cares. But when was the last time you actually used a Java application?

Spread: Javasoft by a Class or two...

Novel vs Apple
The scoop: Who will die first?

Experts think: Apple has been on a steep decline, but their last two customers (Brian Day and Professor Alan McAdams) do not appear to be budging. Novel is happily assisting their client-base defect to Microsoft with their award winning NT Migration Tools. Maybe I should apply... I need some CEO experience.

Spread: Apple by several Desktops.

The Electric Company vs Bill Gates
The scoop: Power line carriers say that they can send the Internet to your home through the electical wires. Bill Gates owns everything else (Comcast, Low Eath Satelites, now TCI?).

Experts think: It is an interesting idea.

Spread: Bill Gates by 38 billion dollars.

Aurora vs Windows98
The scoop: Netscape has developed an operating systems that will be much like Windows 98 (an active desktop). It is called Aurora, and will be available mid-98. Microsoft is delaying their Windows9X OS much to the delight of IS managers around the world.

Experts think: Netscape will have a good product, and Microsoft will too. Does anyone want an active desktop? Hmm....

Spread: Have to wait till next year to find out. Or maybe the year after that.

Microsoft vs Macromedia?
The scoop: Microsoft to buy Macromedia?

Experts think: Microsoft could buy them out... give their products out for free, and put Adobe out of business once and for all (well maybe not). That is probably why Macromedia stock has jumped from 7 to 13 in one month. Somebody knows something... or maybe Director 6 is really GOOD!

Spread: Macromedia by $200M

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