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  • Dec 12th, 2010 @ 3:33pm

    Wayfinder you're wrong

    "Let's consider DDoS as an example. The people who perpetrate such attacks look at immediate gratification, not long term results or consequences to others. They think, "Hey, we have the skillz 'cos we're leet... so let's show these guys who's boss and make a point.""

    Well aren't you a mind-reader. But let's just get to you're more loony idea: so if they had noble reasons, they would still be wrong?

    "But like most criminal activities, they don't even think about consequences for actions. Excuse the "emotional ploy" here... but realistically speaking... they don't think about the mother who can't buy milk for her baby because her credit card isn't working. They don't think about the old person with a high temperature who barely made it to the pharmacy, and now can't get their medicine because the credit card systems are down. "

    And those chaining themselves to the door of a supermarket do the same thing ;).

    "They don't think about the guy who's needing to go visit a sick relative but can't... because the gas pumps are compromised."

    *see above*

    "In short, these people target an entity (in this case the big, bad corporations) and don't think about the thousands of everyday, innocent people they stab in the process. They don't think about the fact that... as far-fetched as it may seem at the outset... what they do may indeed result in someone's death. They laugh while they hide behind their computers, pat themselves on the backs for being so smart... and totally fail to be truly smart by thinking through what they're about to do. They create anarchy and chaos... which is almost always destructive in activity. (Mind you, I enjoy a little chaos in its proper place... but it needs to be well-done chaos.) :D"

    Rosa Parks->Buses down->oh those poor white workers that couldn't get to work->->->what Rosa Parks did was wrong? Come on, how about some logical consistency here?

    "That's why DDoS is a criminal act. There is no telling what repercussions such has on the innocent. That's part of the problem of being human: even when we're basically right, we can't see the huge, overall picture. We're not omniscient. Our sight is limited. And what we do may very well cause severe consequences not only on ourselves... but on people we don't even know. Our "bullet" travels the distance and kills someone we couldn't even see when we fired it."

    Ok clearly you are talking out of your... now.

    "But as far as the difference between "criminal" and "right and wrong"... I think politicians would prove that point for you every day of the week. I can't argue with your basic statement."

    Yes, and I think you should update your beliefs to reflect that acknowledgement.

    "Again we get to the ancient tea party issue: dumping tea overboard to make a political point. They likely hurt an innocent merchant a great deal while protesting government policies. It's also a shame they chose to do so while trying to frame others for the crime. So when it comes to such activities, one needs to make durn well sure their stance is correct and that there will be a minimum of "casualties" from their actions... because crimes, right or wrong in motive, usually have victims."

    Sure, just like 'Anymouous'. "Our goal is not to stop people from making transactions."