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  • Feb 18th, 2012 @ 10:08am

    brazen ACTA and other bureaucracies masquerading as having your best interests at heart.. LOL

    Many people don't realize how far ACTA and other "treatise" or Agreements (or mega corporations and bureaucracies) have gone. The power hungry control mongers have way overstepped their 'boundaries'...one example that I can give here is about a substance on this earth that is very inexpensive, natural and very very effective (I have not only read testimonies, but have also tried this myself) and YET...the FDA and Health Canada have arbitrarily gone in and confiscated the products and shut down websites...WHY??? because they want to hoard money for themselves and control the people. They don't want to allow people to make their own God given right to choose for themselves.

    There is a product that I have bought and used and it is called MMS, by Jim Humble. This substance is called sodium chlorite, it is actually used in water treatment plants to clean our water and so we are ingesting it already but not in the form that can and does heal many diseases.

    Just recently Health Canada did exactly what the US FDA has been doing for some time now and that is close down people's websites and confiscate their products as though they were criminals. Then 'someone' posts lies about the product as though it is a dangerous deadly product. I know for a fact that the pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed to people every day often makes their health worse...sure there are some cases where it helps but their success rate is very poor. MMS (and I am not promoting this or selling it or anything) but MMS has a very good track record...the numbers are astronomical. YET they are being constantly bombarded, shut down and have their products 'confiscated' just because they are healing people.

    There was also a recent incident from a well known company in US who promote and sell as one of their products fresh WALNUTS still in the shell...and this company claimed a fact that walnuts can lower cholesterol...the FDA...took action...oh boy don't tell people the facts about how food can heal or help you or the FDA will shut you down and make it very difficult for you to be in the business world. This is a small (yet very huge) example of how the peoples rights are being forcefully taken away by bureaucracies...ACTA is just another one of them.

    We, the people, need to stand up and take action for what is RIGHT and TRUTH. I don't know what this message will do, but I have a Heavenly Father who is taking care of me and protecting me, whatever happens to me it is in HIS hands and I accept it. Anyone can check out what I am saying and see for yourselves....if you dare...there is a saying "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"...I can't give the credit for where that statement came from because I don't know, it is not my own, but it sure is true.