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  • How The US Post Office Killed Innovative Digital Mail Because It Disrupted Junk Mailers

    william ( profile ), 02 May, 2014 @ 09:41am

    In my neighbourhood, we have centralized mailboxes (so they don't have to deliver door to door and save some man hours). Some people don't like it, but I like it because the mail slot is right next to the mailbox.

    If I pick up my mails and found there are junk mails which does not have my address on it, I slip them right into the mail slot.

    After a few month of doing that, one day I found a sticker on the mail slot which says, "Please take the fliers home to recycle instead of using the mailbox." In which I added a sticker of my own, "I'll stop using the mailbox when you stop sending me unwanted junk mail."

  • Why We Filed An Amicus Brief In Garcia v. Google: Blaming 3rd Parties Has Serious Impact On Free Speech

    william ( profile ), 15 Apr, 2014 @ 09:48am

    Re: Re:

    What I want to know is, how likely is an American court/judge to admit they made a terrible mistake? Usually judges/courts are viewed with high regards and that makes them hard to admit their own fault.

  • The Big Question: When Did The NSA Know About Heartbleed?

    william ( profile ), 10 Apr, 2014 @ 04:44pm

    Some of you may know that Canada Revenue Agency (basically Canadian IRS) has shut down all online submission and query for filing tax return for 2014.

    What you may not know is that during an interview today, the spokesperson, with a bit of hesitation, said that they "had to shut down because they cannot be sure if any illegal organization (slight pause) and intelligence agency are able to get to the private information of Canadian citizens..."

    I am just unsure whether to laugh or cry when I hear that sentence.

  • Governin': Sen. Dan Coats Questions The Wrong Witness At The Wrong Hearing

    william ( profile ), 04 Apr, 2014 @ 03:26pm

    No he's not a loner, this is just how these career politicians able to formulate their actions and put on auto pilot on pretty much everything.

    We must admit that even Senators are human and it's impossible to know everything. However, they must keep up the fa?ade of having an opinion on everything.

    Therefore, to safely pilot through unknown waters, here is what you do.

    0. pretend to be listening
    1. Ask a questions that so generic that "The sky is blue" would be a valid answer
    2. reverse the answer as a question back to the witness
    3. now depend on the gut feeling, air temperture, weather, and what you have for lunch, you could either
    a) show some outrage on something
    b) congratulate on something that a committee has done (doesn't have to remember the name, since there is always at least one committee of some sort)
    4. pretend to listen some more
    5. rinse and repeat 3 and 4
    6. running out of time, again show your disbelief at something, then get a bit angry at something, then congratulate on how good/worse a job Obama is doing depends on your political alignment
    7. adjourn

    Now where is that patent form I needed to apply for "A process for uninformed person to simulate expertise of questions about life, universe, and everything"

  • Japanese Anime And Manga Fans Worried About How TPP Will Kill Important Fan Fiction

    william ( profile ), 03 Apr, 2014 @ 10:08am

    Re: It's insane to take on Akihabara!

    I am sorry but Ahikhabara has no wraith. Not when it's filled with otaku type. Everyone knows that otaku are usually herbivores.

  • Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets Of Taiwan To Protest Against Trade Agreement's Lack of Scrutiny

    william ( profile ), 01 Apr, 2014 @ 12:23pm


    BTW, if anyone want another quick summary and see what's going on. you can go to http://4am.tw/, which is part of the ad they put on New York Times.

  • Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets Of Taiwan To Protest Against Trade Agreement's Lack of Scrutiny

    william ( profile ), 01 Apr, 2014 @ 12:21pm


    I am from Taiwan, and I am slightly offended by how this situation is funny or treated with light hearted joke.

    Western Media don't care about this because this is not as important as airline accident, or Russia annexing Crimea. Fight for democracy doesn't matter to you guys unless it has some kind of benefit.

    Look at this

    I feel they have wasted their blood. No one cares.

    Let me quickly summarize a few notable key points.
    1) the trade agreement is passed within 30 seconds. Why did it pass? Because ruling and opposition party couldn't agree, thus it DEFAULTED TO PASSED. laughable, isn't it?
    2) there are 0 impact studies. yes, 0. There are more than 20 public hearing and no one from the government was able to product an impact study. when questioned on the earlier public hearing, the answer is there are no impact studies and there are no ongoing impact studies. perhaps we could have a impact study after signing
    3) the ruling party treat this as needing to be urgently passed. This whole deal come to the signing stage in mere 9 month. look at other free trade agreement and how much time it takes (hint: years) and compare that to the 9 month for this one
    4) Students has took over the parlimentary building for more than 10 days now. Imagine what kind of effect if a group of student took over the congress building
    5) a few days later they took over the executive branch, where the above link shows what happened when the police cleared out the students
    6) the president of Taiwan continues his daily press release, schedule, etc, acting like nothing happened. He's certainly laughing merrily.
    7) Taiwan public has gathered 6,000,000 million Taiwan dollars in 3 hours in a kickstarter like site. For what? To buy ad on New York Times international version. Why? Cause none of the western media cared. Very little people know what's going on.
    8) It's great that the presidents says he's going to initialize itemized review. But did they report that if one of the item did not pass, the agreement would be terminated before signing? And that China threatens if this does not pass, there will be no talks for at least the next 10 years, maybe never?
    9) despite all these protest, the students and supporters are not violent at all. All the conflicts are initiated by the police and the crowds even claps for the police as they switch shifts, to quote "Because we know after the police is out of their uniform, they are Taiwanese too."

    Now you can see why I am slightly offended by AC and all those "funny" vote. I don't expect everyone have to show perfect respect but at least a basic understanding of what's going on would make me grateful.

    And lastly, I want to say that very little know and cared. Not many news agency carries these news and just scratches the surface. American doesn't care, Europe doesn't care, no body cares because Taiwan is such a small place next to the China that everyone is trying to please. This again affirmed my belief that no nation is fighting for "freedom and democracy for all nations". Every nations is just fighting for their greatest benefits and pleasure.

  • New Jersey's Attorney General Freaks Out About Proof-Of-Concept Bitcoin Mining App; Issues Ridiculous Subpoena

    william ( profile ), 06 Feb, 2014 @ 10:05am

    Yes, finally the society has advanced to a stage where we punish PreCrime!

    Now could someone give me a tour of the facility with the precongs?

  • Night Of First Ed Snowden Story, Streets In Front Of Guardian's NY Office & Home Of Its US Editor Suddenly Dug Up

    william ( profile ), 03 Feb, 2014 @ 12:15pm

    Re: Re:

    I see, that makes much more sense. thanks for the clarification. :)

  • Night Of First Ed Snowden Story, Streets In Front Of Guardian's NY Office & Home Of Its US Editor Suddenly Dug Up

    william ( profile ), 03 Feb, 2014 @ 10:15am

    [quote]The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man[quote]

    I have a problem with the title of the book. It has the simple mistake that most US people make, ie. USA == World.

    A more appropriate title would be:

    The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of Ministry of Love's Most Wanted Man

  • Posting Of NYPD Officers Around The World Found To Be A Waste, Embarrassment

    william ( profile ), 10 Jan, 2014 @ 10:17am

    In movies/TV we often see that local police and federal enforcement doesn't play nice. I always thought it's dramatization but I guess that kind of storyline does reflect reality is some way.

    Does the local police (in this case NYPD) has some kind of inferior complex. It feel to me like the little dog is always barking at the larger dog JUST to try to show/secure their power, even when the larger dog doesn't show any aggression (imagine a chihuahua circuling and barking incessantly at a great dane)

  • Another US 'Secure' Service Shuts Down: CryptoSeal VPN Goes Dark To Protect Against US Surveillance

    william ( profile ), 21 Oct, 2013 @ 01:29pm

    some people are questioning why they keep the business service open but closed the personal service.

    My guess is that business portion is more profitable and person service is more likely to get them served. If that's the case, by handing over the key, it would compromised their business service...

    so they had to shut down personal service because of this risk.

    Good job America, the land of the pseudo-free!

  • Lavabit Tried Giving The Feds Its SSL Key In 11 Pages Of 4-Point Type; Feds Complained That It Was Illegible

    william ( profile ), 03 Oct, 2013 @ 10:15am

    So... with all the massive millions and billions of dollars, they could figure out how to scan a page, put it through OCR and then proof read it.

    I mean, even the Harry Potter scan-a-thon was able to reproduce an electronic copy for 795 pages within 24 hours with relatively small errors.

    Now you lazy ass really done it. Instead of putting on a little bit of elbow grease, you get nothing for being lazy.

    Life Lessons. :P

  • Study: Claiming That Games And Violence Are Linked Now Linked To Violence

    william ( profile ), 26 Sep, 2013 @ 01:20pm

    Despite there being no evidence that video game players struggle to separate fiction and reality, many media sources keep insisting that this is the case, a situation Dr Vance describes as "depressingly ironic".
    One of the best line I ever hear on the "blame the game" mentality

  • California College Tells Student He Can't Hand Out Copies Of The Constitution On Constitution Day

    william ( profile ), 19 Sep, 2013 @ 07:09pm

    Takedown notice using _______________(copyright/wire tapping law/secrect recording law...etc) in 3...2...

  • Feds Now Demanding Internet Companies Hand Over User Passwords Too

    william ( profile ), 25 Jul, 2013 @ 02:56pm

    and my first thought is how Microsoft claimed they never have NSA any data and how it blow out later they were pretty willing to assist.

    probably just another set of words games

  • If You're Going To Illegally Seize Citizens' Cell Phones, At Least Make Sure You're Grabbing The Right Ones

    william ( profile ), 21 May, 2013 @ 11:15am

    New product line announcement!

    Tired of Police taking your cellphone? Sick of your precious footage of funny police brutality video disappear into the thin ether?

    Prescott industries announce a brand new product today, The Feint Phone(tm)!

    The Feint Phone(tm) is a brand new produce specifically designed to act as the "phone" that's recording the surroundings while transmitting wireless signal to your REAL phone, sitting in your pocket. This $10 product is equipped with a medium resolution camera lens and wifi module encapsulated in a form factor to mimic a cell phone. Worried that police might see through the fake phone? Studies shows that up to 90% of police are incompetent enough to believe a fake phone is the real thing!

    You would ask, what about the rare 10% competent police? Well, they won't be doing anything worthy for video recording don't they.

    In the rare case of an incompetent or a competent police officer sees through your Feint Phone(tm), we have specially designed a smart phone app which could be configured to start transmitting footage to the Internet(youtube) as soon as it detects the Feint Phone(tm) started recording! You'll be the most popular youtube poster with live footage on the Internet!

    For the low price of $10 each (or $100 for 12), the Feint Phone(tm) will be your solution to eroding democracy in the U.S. today!

    Order now!

  • 'Bug' Allows Same-Sex Marriage In Nintendo Game, Nintendo Releases Patch To 'Fix' It

    william ( profile ), 14 May, 2013 @ 01:30pm

    Re: Re:

    1. you generalized and extended my opinion in order to draw a conclusion in order to place yourself in moral high ground.

    2. And Americans have a reverse stereotyping of thinking everyone else in this world think and feel the same way they do, and has the same kind of morality and culture they do.

      Congratulations, you are among one of the many that actually think "American Exceptionalism" is a praise. Well, think again.

  • 'Bug' Allows Same-Sex Marriage In Nintendo Game, Nintendo Releases Patch To 'Fix' It

    william ( profile ), 14 May, 2013 @ 10:11am

    uhh... sorry to spoil the fun for all the LGBT right activists out there, but the news that some Japanese people are rushing out to buy the game after learning of the glitch is probably not the freedom fighters of LGBT that you North Americans would imagine or wish for.

    From my knowledge of the Japanese popular culture, I would recommend reading up 'fujoshi' and 'yaoi'.

    have fun! ;)

  • Former DHS Head On Google Glass: Intrusive Surveillance Is Bad — If It's A Corporation Doing It

    william ( profile ), 13 May, 2013 @ 01:28pm

    I think the government is concerned primarily because they are afraid they won't be able to seize the witness' recording after they beat up a 'possibly intoxicated' man.

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