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  • Jul 16th, 2010 @ 7:22am

    Kids leaving the house

    What if the knowledge that is offshored is knowledge that we consider "mature" and ready to go off into the world to be used.
    In essence, here the heavy lifting required to create the knowledge is done here, and once the knowledge/process is considered mature, it is moved elsewhere to make room for new knowledge to be created.
    Thus, the originator of the knowledge retains the space to create new knowledge, and the knowledge itself continues to be useful (creating products, helping new countries industrialize, making new jobs).

    Possible case in point: the tallest building in the world is not in the Unites States, but the tallest building in the world was designed in the United States.

    This poses the question: Is this knowledge that we are offshoring really "key"? I personally don't believe that the key knowledge for how to run a tech support call center is necessary to my country's well being, but the ability to design and create the products that necesitate such a call center probably is something that I value.