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  • Sep 22nd, 2013 @ 12:29am

    Internet Attorneys abuse the law

    Internet Attorneys merely harass, intimidate and file vexatious litigation. "Internet Law" is not something they learned in law school, it is a new niche area they are carving out and anything goes.
    I had one try to sue me in federal court because his wealthy client an International Adoption owner didn't like the truth printed about her.
    When this loser realsed he wasn't going to win anything or could not sue the truth, the personal attacks started against me, my family (harassing 80 year old parents putting them down as interogatory witnesses???) he also stoled my photo and put it over the Internet. then filed fake police reports on me and attempted to harm my name in a chicken shit immature and ammateur way.
    He will never work again, he is busy doing freebie writing for the Huffington Blog. (not a good writer) and a free radio talk blog. (only 2 people listen to him)
  • Sep 22nd, 2013 @ 12:23am

    What is an Internet Attorney?

    harassment, intimidation, and vexatious litigation is exactly what happened to me. For 20 months, for 13 of those months I represented myself pro se. The last 7 months the attorney firm for my homeowners insurance paid for it.

    What is it about the Internet Police aka "Internet Attorneys" that think they can extort the truth and latch on to a wealthy client with promises of controlling the Internet. I have had my share of a particularly Internet Attorney, that created drama about me and tried to financial, socially harm me but it didn't work. Instead his human trafficker client has had 3 countries close down on her lucrative business ($1.8 million in fives years recorded on her 990 tax returns) We all know about International adoption and fraud, the declining numbers speak for themselves and they will never be revived no matter what these parasite human flesh peddlers do. If they cannot win a case (which in most cases you cannot sue free speech especially when it is TRUTH) These Sleaze ball Attorneys will walk to the line of the law, try to have you arrested, put false police reports out, harass your family, take your photo and put it online with sleezy stories that amount to nothing more than child's play and amateur and immature rantings. Internet Attorney is a self described name, they have not gone to Law School to learn this new niche area and are creating a new segment of the law for themselves. This particular Internet Attorney, tries shamelessly to promote himself as a writer (freebies like Huffington Blog) and on a FREE radio blog that barely has 2 people listen to it on Wednesday mornings. He has a lisp and horrible at public speaking. Its the same ole schtick with this loser : "Name calling" my special name is Serial Cyber Harrasser poster Child, He calls Internet Attorney foe that has beat his pants in court "Spamulance Chaser" and "only does things for a buck" THis guy is comical if it wasn't so tragic that losers like this actuall practice law. I guess that is what they called it "practice" because that is all they do is practice at it. No wonder lawyers are the bottom of the sewer in the trust category.

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