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  • Feb 9th, 2012 @ 1:09am

    Seriously? a Facebook app is a better tool?

    Beware! That's just trading record labels for Facebook: in the middle between the artist and the fan, and thus able to control, or siphon off, most of the $ for themselves,

    A Facebook app i better tool for Zuckerberg, maybe, and all his paying customers in the surveillance-industrial complex. Certainly not better for the fan, against whom some corporate or government hack who wants to spin a fiction around an identified music fan's listening choices. Remember the Memphis 3 who were wrongly convicted, in part, due to their music tastes?

    But I suppose that's the point: everyone wants to be Zuckerberg, and are willing to share/sellout their fans and friends with Zuckerberg.

    What musicians and other content artists need to understand is that there's nothing wrong with monetizing their art, but the fans will respect the artists more if they do the distribution themselves (or through their employees) rather than leave it to some gouging man in the middle whose only interest is the middleman's own. Louis C.K. did exactly that, and that team got more $ than they expected, while at the same time improving his brand's relationship with his audience.

    IMHO, Facebook and Zuckerberg are evil paywalls themselves, but of a different kind than the subscription-based e-mags. The only difference is that the paywall isn't $ anymore. Instead, you pay with your own - and your customers, fans, family and friends' - data, privacy, security, trust...